Digital twins

The digital twin is the optimal marketing tool to present your space with transparency and authenticity.


Why do you need a digital twin?

Because your space is the protagonist of your commercial offer: you have a hotel, rent boats or planes, manage a coworking, or events are held on your farm.

The digital twin is the optimal marketing tool to present your space with transparency and authenticity. Your customer’s experience begins with a visit to the digital twin.

How do you take advantage of it?
How do you use it?

You publish it on your website or send it directly to your customers (via WhatsApp, email, etc.).
You call your clients by video call and make a virtual visit with them, sharing the screen.

We also create videos and photos that you can use in your social networks and corporate presentations. We even add 360º photos so you can innovate with your channel photography.



Choosing the best workplace is easier. Your potential client decides to visit the facilities of those coworking spaces that have the most impact on their first impression. Being able to go through each office with detailed information and take exact measurements are distinguishing features. The hiring process is more fluid.

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Your guests appreciate knowing the amenities in detail. Whether for pleasure or work, what your client wants is to book with peace of mind. They don’t want surprises. In the tags we can describe the differentiating elements of each room, introduce the hotel’s chef and incorporate all kinds of information that helps your client make the decision.

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The digital twins showcase the capacity and comfort of sailboats or planes for rent, tourist cruises and other means of passenger transport. In general, ships and aircraft are always on the move, which makes it impossible to organize face-to-face visits to convince the client, who also usually has a full agenda. Digital twins can be viewed on any device at any time.

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Organizing a business day, a congress, or choosing the ideal place for the wedding is usually an exhausting process, among other things, due to the number of sites that have to be visited to make the decision. The digital twin will highlight his proposal: because it is transparent, offers information through an innovative channel, and the client can really imagine himself there, enjoying the event.

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How do we do it?



Space Storytelling is a shared process from the beginning. In doing so, we ensure designing a unique proposal.


Relevant details

The whole hotel or some rooms? How many types of offices does coworking have? Do you want to “sit” in the cockpit? Do we show everything in the event room?



Once the spaces and positions where we want the visitor to stop have been defined, we carry out the scan with 360º cameras and laser scanners.


First results

Within a few hours, the space can be viewed and post-production begins.


Space Storytelling

With the digital twin processed, we complete the definition of the content strategy together.



We receive the texts and other contents, organize them and incorporate them into the space.



We check if everything works and fine-tune the user interface (menu, functionality, corporate image, etc.).



After being validated, we send the URL, photos and videos. Everything ready to be published and start using the tool.