What is a

virtual visit?

A tool to reconnect with regular audiences. A channel to connect with new audiences. An opportunity to create income.


What differentiates our visits?

We have the latest laser technology and the best photographic quality.

We build the space storytelling: the space speak.

We have our own paid access system for virtual visits.

¿Cómo lo hacemos?


Start together

Space storytelling is a collaborative process with the client from the beginning because they know their audience and have in mind how they want their space to speak.


We visit the space

We begin to imagine the options of the digital twin and how the virtual visitor will use it (while thinking about the content strategy).


Key definitions

We agree on the essential positions that are available for the end user to “walk” through the space.



Once the spaces and positions where we want the visitor to stop have been defined, we carry out the scan with 360º cameras and laser scanners.


First results

Within a few hours, the space can be viewed and post-production begins.


Space Storytelling

We complete the definition of the content strategy and incorporate them to the space. We give it a voice.


To publish

After being validated, we prepare the links to publish the visit.


In use

We export photos and videos that can be used in digital channels or printed media. All ready to start using the tool.